My name is Marcos

I am the founder and CEO of Simple Analytics. I have two passions analytics and marketing.

I started my career in marketing in 1998. I quickly realize that to build a successful business you need to know to use data.

I returned to school and graduated with a MSc in Business Intelligence in 2002.

For the past 20 years I built a solid experience in analytics (GA4, GTM, Facebook), machine learning, dashboarding and python.

My goal ?

To help online marketers, bloggers, coaches, consultants learn how to use data to grow their business as big as their dreams.

I take freelance contract from time to time. If you need help with your GA4 (goals, migrated from UA, dashboards), visit my service page to get more info.


I moved the blog to my new site You will find GA4 tutorials
and much more useful content.